The Farmhouse Inn is located centrally to many viewing venues of the Worlds Highest Tides. The difference between high and low tide can be as much as 40 feet. But seeing them is a two step process. It’s best to see them at both extremes.

Our favorite place to watch the tides is from the beach at Scots Bay. At low tide the usually rocky beach transforms into a vast flat desert of sand and mud. You can walk out on the flats and let the mud squish between your toes for approximately 1km until you reach the waterline. The water is very shallow and even warm at times. Click here to see tide times for Scots Bay.

The wharf at Hall’s Harbour is a fantastic place to see the tides while you feast on lobster. At high tide the fishing boats freely come in and out of the pier as the water is near the top of the wharf. At low tide the boats are high and dry resting on their bellies. You can also explore the floor of the Bay of Fundy at low tide.  Click here to see tide times for Halls Harbour.

The Cornwallis River flows through Port Williams and the pier in the middle of town is a great place to see the tide difference. The river is brimming at high tide and just a trickle at low tide. You can also explore the dykes that run from Port Williams to Wolfville.