Our full, hot, decadent Nova Scotian breakfast is served in our country elegant dining room with pressed tin ceilings and wide pine floor. Just like a Farmhouse we start early, coffee and muffins are available in the dinning room at 8:00am before breakfast at 8:30. Cold cereal is always available in addition to our hot breakfast. Breakfast is served in 3 courses to prepare you for the day ahead. Check our menu board in the front parlor for daily breakfasts.

The first 2 courses often include one of the following:

  • Yogurt Parfait, with homemade granola, Nova Scotia local berries and vanilla yogurt.
  • Heavenly Peaches sprinkled with brown sugar and crunchy granola topped with a dollop of sour cream and freshly grated nutmeg.
  • Homemade muffins or scones, made with Nova Scotia local berries and served warm.
  • Fresh fruit platter (when in season)

The final course, often referred to as “Oh, my gosh, more food!” often includes on of the following:

  • Apple Cinnamon Delight – light and fluffy eggs combined with local apples, baked to perfection and lightly sprinkled with sugar and served with Nova Scotia maple syrup and blueberry sauce.
  • Not your average Scambel Eggs – Farm Fresh Free Range eggs scrambled with Grier cheese and fresh chives, local sausage or bacon with our famous homemade Nova Scotia Brown Bread..
  • OMG – homemade Belgian Waffles or buttermilk pancakes topped with local berries served with Nova Scotia maple syrup, and local sausages.

We will gladly accommodate special dietary needs whenever possible. Please let us know in advance of any food allergies.